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Dad's Cool Hack for Tricking His Kids Into Thinking They're Having 'McDonald's' Is Perfect

Kids are notorious for always asking to get fast food for dinner, especially when you drive by a restaurant with them in the car. One dad came up with a genius hack for tricking his kids into thinking they're eating McDonald's whenever they ask for it.

TikTok content creator @bestdad_ceo recently posted a video sharing this awesome parenting hack. In the video, he shows himself grilling cheeseburgers for his kids. When the burgers are done, he breaks out some fresh McDonald's burger wrappers, and he wraps his homemade burgers in the fast food wrappers! Check out the video to see what his kids' reactions are and to see if the trick was successful.

This is genius! We love that his kids weren't able to tell the difference between the homemade burger and the McDonalds burger. The caption of the video says his trick was successful until his kids asked for their happy meal toys. Oops!

People in the comments think this dad is super smart for coming up with this hack. @iman.marie said, "People are saying to just say no. How about praising this dad for giving a great alternative instead? and @yoniexpress22 commented, "I worked as a manger for six years at McDonald's and this never even crossed my mind! I'm trying this today!" It is such an innovative way to give your kids what they want while still making dinner at home!

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Others joked that these homemade burgers are unrealistic because they're so much better than the McDonalds burger! @jordandanielnall commented, "They’re gonna grow up saying how much better McDonald’s used to be when they were kids," and @colespeed10 said, "That food's probably BETTER than McDonald's." These kids are going to be disappointed in a few years when they realize they can't get these amazing burgers at a fast food restaurant!

This is one of the best and funniest parent hacks we've ever seen! To keep them believing, stock up on toys from the dollar store to include with the burger next time. They'll never know the difference!

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