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McDonald’s' Worker Makes a ‘Secret Menu Item’ That Looks Too Tasty To Ignore

We all love a good secret. There’s something naughty about knowing something that most people don’t know. It can be thrilling to be privileged to a juicy secret. Well, here’s a secret for you. Did you know McDonald’s restaurants have a Secret Menu? Yes, the world-famous restaurant chain now offers secret menu items. All you have to do to order the items is to be aware they exist and order them. 

In a TikTok video by content creator @mcdonaldscreations, we see a McDonald’s worker make a secret menu item. We didn’t realize that the secret menu items would look so yummy. We need one of those right now!

Yes, it’s Oreo Shake time. Cheers to McDonald’s for offering such a savory-looking dessert. We’re on board for more of these getting added to the secret menu. Let’s see how the TikTok community felt about this secret menu item reveal. User @Hashad Hashmoney Qay said, “How long before the "machine breaks.” LOL.” @viller wrote, “Bro, I literally have one after every shift. You have to add caramel or chocolate for it to be complete.” @✨🌙 Iɾҽɳҽ Kαɳαɳι Rιʋҽɾα 🌙✨ replied, “My son always orders a vanilla shake, add Oreos and caramel. So good.” @Jerrica stated, “Restaurant workers have to hate all of these “secret menu” orders.”

That may or may not be true about some of McDonald’s workers. They might enjoy making something different than burgers and fries. If you enjoyed this video and want more McDonald’s content, please visit @mcdonaldscreations’ TikTok channel. 

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