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McDonald’s Worldwide Convention Menu Has Us Ready to Travel the Globe

Okay, we know many companies, businesses, and organizations have conventions. Conventions are a fabulous way to bring large groups together to discuss goals, progress, plans, and products. Even Comic-Con is a well-known convention for comic book, fantasy, and superhero fans. But did you know that fast food companies have conventions? Well, we were clueless until we saw this recent TikTok video.

Content creator @smallgirlbigeatz captured her visit to the McDonald’s Worldwide Convention. Yes, McDonald’s holds a convention for franchises from around the world to partake in. The items she ate looked delicious. We want to try everything!

Can we say wow? My goodness, McDonald’s food abroad looks better than in the states. It’s time to travel and see why people are making a fuss. Let’s see if the TikTok community is ready for the Matcha McFlurry from Japan or the Caramel Brownie McFlurry from Germany. User @stickaforkinme wrote, “A dream conference come true!” @soojhole said, “This is my Coachella.” @Josie ✨🌈 replied, “This is my dream.” @Lucy Anna Crouch recommended, “Gotta get the haupia pie from Hawaii. There's nothing better.” @appleuser385338 remarked, “I need that chicken, Big Mac.” @Courtney Michelle exclaimed, “All of these items, and they still can’t bring back the snack wraps!” @Boo asked, “When was this? Where was this? and why wasn't I invited?” 

That’s what we wanted to know, @Boo. We missed this year’s convention, held in Orlando, Florida, back in April. But there’s always the next convention which is scheduled for 2024. If you enjoyed this video, please visit @smallgirlbigeatz for more exciting content.

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