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Girlfriend Admits She Sabotages Her Boyfriend's Meal Prep and People Have Opinions

When it comes to looking out for someone’s best interest, there’s practically nothing you wouldn’t do. If someone is being harassed or bullied, you can help them handle the problem by speaking with the police. When a loved one is struggling with addiction issues, you can be there for them by offering to get them into a program. But what if the person you love is getting to a point in their life where people may find them too attractive? What would you do? 

In a recent TikTok video by content creator @daisedandconfused, she caused quite a stir by adding a special ingredient to her man’s meal. She was just having a little harmless fun.

People were outraged because she added some butter to his meal. We can understand why some people took offense. But it was only intended to be a prank. Let’s see how the TikTok viewers reacted to her act. User @peepeepoo787 replied, “Genuinely hoping this isn’t real.” @MoneymakingMitch 💸 joked, “This is why I don’t trust ppl with my food. LOL.” @xiao supremacy said, “Some of these comments act like they're adding 300 calories of butter to it. LMAO.” @Red Pocket310 disclosed, “Bit of butter makes pasta sauce better.” Yes, many would agree butter helps improve the taste. Let’s watch as @daisedandconfused responded to the haters of this video.

Well, they summed up everything very nicely. We’re glad it was merely a joke. True, it was a miss for many people, but at least he’s not on a strict meal plan. Let’s see if the TikTok community is satisfied with her explanation. User @EVERSCAR recommended, “Just add #joke then you don’t have to explain yourself. LOL.” @Icebear joked, “You're not lying. He is a hot boy.” @alex said, “He said If you’re a butter hater. GET OUT.” @piti remarked, “Yeah, still not funny, though.” Well, you can’t please everyone. If you liked the video, visit @daisedandconfused’s TikTok channel for more content.