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Video of Family Trying Trending 'Messy Dinner' Is Quickly Going Viral

Recently a trend has been going around among families and foodies on TikTok called "Messy Dinner" where the dinner table is covered in plastic and no plates are used to eat. The kids love it and parents are... hesitant.

TikTok content creator @the3holmboys tried this out with her family. As Mom pours spaghetti and bolognese sauce out onto the middle of the table, her two boys were ecstatic, and Dad looked at the camera with a grimace of nervousness. Check out the video to see what the outcome of their meal was!

Wow, this looks chaotic! Mom declares this a success in the video, but the caption makes us think it might have been more trouble than it's worth.

People in the comments are so intrigued by this new way of eating dinner, and love the idea of limited clean up. @annieament said, "Honestly this is perfect for that night you just did all the dishes. Gonna try it," and @deandratoosweet commented, "No bunch of dishes to wash, yay!" This is a great point, the only dishes to wash will be the pots used to cook the food and a few utensils!

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Others in the comments said this was similar to the way families in some Middle Eastern countries eat certain dishes. @abedalmislamany said, "This is not messy at all, trying eat with your hands Arabic style!" and @moban20 commented, "In Saudi Arabia we eat in a similar way." This is such a fun way to learn about and try out other cultures' food customs!

In the end, Mom posted a second video explaining that their table actually ended up being cleaner than when they usually have spaghetti bolognese because there was nothing to clean on the table after removing the cling wrap. This might be worth a try, but there's no guarantee your attempt will go as smooth as this one!

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