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Trick for 'Fastest and Easiest' Shucked Corn Is a Definite Game-Changer

Mmm, we love corn. Don’t you? It’s such a fun food that goes well with many dishes. Plus, you can cook it in a variety of ways. Would a trip to the movie theater be complete without a tub of popcorn? We think not. What about a backyard BBQ without grilled corn on the cob? It’s not worth attending.

See, we all agree corn is great. However, the only downside to cooking corn on the cob is the prep work. Before grilling or boiling it, corn on the cob needs to be shucked and cleaned. In the recent video by TikTok user @delish, we’re shown a quick way to shuck a corn cob. The corn comes out perfectly clean every time with this method.

Wow! We didn’t know shucking corn could be so easy. This microwave trick is worth remembering. What are the TikTok folks saying about it? User @jackiesmith1337 shouted, “Yes! It’s the only way to prepare corn now!” @renateschmitke said, “It’s the only way to eat corn on the cob.” @pamelabrown72422 replied, “Thank you so much!!!” @user1784306127574 commented, “WOW! I have been doing it wrong all my 54 years of life!” User @MeMe Figueroa suggested, “No microwave. Use the oven.”

Are you ready and willing to test this quick trick to shuck your corn? Excellent! Us too! Just make sure you wash it thoroughly before cooking. You never know what remains on the corn after removing the husk. Better to be safe than sorry.

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