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Military Woman Makes Ramen Noodles in the Field and We’re Impressed

People are serving in the military all around the world. These brave men and women sacrifice their safety so we can continue to live. When we think of military personnel, we don’t realize they are humans just like you and me. They get scared, tired, and hungry. But what do people in the military eat? Well, we’re glad you asked. They are issued Meals Ready to Eat (MREs). These pre-made packages of food are simple to heat up. Plus, they’re easy to carry.

In a TikTok video by a military woman and content creator @vonshaymonay, she shares footage of herself heating up ramen noodles while in the field. We’ve never seen a military person warm up a ramen noodle MRE, so this was exciting to watch. This woman has got beauty and brains. 

That was a genius idea! We’re impressed she was able to heat up her ramen noodles while sitting in her vehicle. We hope the ramen tasted as yummy as it looked. Let’s see how the TikTok community reacted. User @Cam2xx said, “In my six short years of being in, I have never tried this. Learn something new every day on here. LOL.” @✨Avelina✨asked, “Bruhhhh, are you serious? Why didn't I ever think of this?” @Ariel Lape wrote, “And to believe I used this for the coffee. SMH.” @john b said, “Next best way, other than using a JetBoil. Nice. 100 percent.” 

We’re so thankful her method of making ramen noodles in the field can help other military personnel. If you enjoyed her video as we did, please visit @vonshaymonay’s TikTok channel. You’ll get a glimpse into a woman's life in the military.