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Mini 'Pumpkin Pie' Cheese and Crackers Are Too Cute to Eat

If you don't, particularly like pie, we've found some slices you might actually devour. And if you're hosting for the holiday or if you've been assigned an appetizer, you're going to love this easy idea, too. TikTok content creator @gariannestable shows us how to make the prettiest little pie slices for Thanksgiving.

These slices of pie are served before the meal, not after.

How adorable is this idea? This is a perfect recipe to assemble with the kids. It’s such a fun idea, and it’s going to make your holiday table look phenomenal. She uses Triscuit triangles, and Chicken Biscuit crackers as the crust, and orange cheddar as the “pie”. They get a little dollop of cream cheese on top for the “whipped cream.” So stinking cute! Measure your pieces by using the block of cheese and crackers as a guide.

The audience was ready to try this out for the holiday! Viewer @AlaskaBoi commented, "This looks incredible and I will most definitely be making this year!” Viewer @KeishaRicketts suggested, “Okay. Hear me out. Use THINNER cheese than that huge block...make it white cheese, top w/hot pepper jelly. Bam, strawberry cake!” That sounds absolutely amazing! Viewer @Chandelle0727 points out, “I’d be so mad thinking they were lil mini pumpkin pies, don’t do that to ppl.” Too funny! Viewer @Corianne commented, “I can't decide if this is an abomination or the greatest thing ever.” We are going with the greatest!

With Thanksgiving rapidly approaching, we're really looking forward to giving these little slices a taste! 

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