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'Mini Ranch Pretzels With Buffalo Sauce' Are the Ultimate Game-Day Treat

We have just found our reason to invite friends over this weekend! These homemade, ranch-seasoned soft pretzels with buffalo cheese dip have us losing our minds. TikTok content creator @halfbakedharvest shares her magnificent pretzel recipe with us. And we can't get them out of our heads!

These pretty pretzels are going to be the big winner on game day!

She had us at homemade pretzels with buffalo cheese sauce, but the addition of that ranch seasoning on those freshly-made pretzels has us feeling weak in the knees. She tells us that she makes an easy dough for the pretzels, and it looks so soft and so yummy. Then she rolls out the dough, forms the pretzels, and then boils them. They get a sprinkle of scratch-made ranch seasoning before they bake in the oven. These look next-level sensational. She tells us that we can make the pretzels large or small, and if we are being honest, we might just make ours as pretzel sticks. We like to keep it simple, as we aren't particularly patient when twisting dough. The homemade buffalo cheese dip looks so silky smooth, we cannot wait to dunk our freshly made pretzels into that magic. Have mercy!

The audience adored this recipe too, and viewer @joc commented, “That cheese looks crazy good.” That’s an excellent way to describe it! Viewer @NaturalGrocers added, “And now we’re hungry.” Yep, we are feeling so very hungry, too!

Even if you’re not planning to make game day appetizers, these pretzels will be perfect for just about anything. In fact, we might send out a few invites, and make them for happy hour today. And they are sure going to make us, so very happy!