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Recipe for 'Mini Lasagnas in a Loaf Pan' Has Us Wondering Where It's Been All Our Lives

It’s hard not to love lasagna. Layers of gooey cheese, meat, and pasta all baked together into a dreamy meal is tough to resist. It’s easy, however, not to love making lasagna. Boiling the water, cooking the meat, assembling the layers in a giant pan and then cleaning up the mess. We don’t have time for this kind of meal on a weeknight. In a TikTok video from content creator @hungryhappens, she gives us a healthy and low mess alternative that will leave you wondering why you haven't thought of this before!

First, she begins by using a parchment lined loaf pan and uses zucchini instead of pasta noodles. Slicing the zucchini with a vegetable peeler, she then coats the slices in a bread crumb/Parmesan blend and layers them in the loaf pan, alternating the layers with cheese and mess-free, full-of-flavor prosciutto! She gives the top layer a splash of olive oil and then off to the air fryer or oven to bake for 25 minutes. Just wait until you see how delicious the result looks.

Wow! This terrific idea makes it easy to prepare lasagna for one or two, and it won’t leave you with days of unwanted leftovers. We also loved this suggestion from TikTok user @Cindy, who said, “I’ve been doing these in loaf pans for years! They are also great for get-well-soon or bereavement meals.” 

Another commenter, @Sheri Cherriere asked, “Could you do this without the breadcrumbs?” Content creator @Stella Drivas replied, “Yes. You can sub in almond flour or just use bit more parm in its place.” Great news if you’re counting your carbs, and with so many ways to try this recipe, you can keep dinner healthy and interesting for a long time!

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