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Mom Shares Her Simple 'Best Dip Recipe' and People Are So Here for It

As the weather turns colder, we start to settle indoors. The outdoor patio or porch gets used less and less. We begin to layer up and snuggle on the couch. Sure, we’ll venture out for the typical daily activities. But we won’t be lounging under the Sun as much. When the kids return to school, we know that Football season is coming. You probably have your own weekly game rituals if you're a fan. Perhaps you have a gathering at your house or go out to watch the game. Game nights are the best to test out tasty finger foods and side dishes.

In a TikTok video by content creator @jensue55, she shares her recipe for what she considers the Best Dip. Now we haven’t tried it, but it appears incredible just by looking at the screen. This is so perfect for any party.

We’d eat that dip in a heartbeat! Any dip that incorporates sour cream, diced tomatoes, chilis, two packets of ranch dressing, and shredded cheese has our vote. But are the TikTok viewers excited to try out her recipe? Let’s find out now. User @Mary Jo M. Coan said, “You had me at - measure with your heart!” @Sara exclaimed, “‘Because I do what I want. I love that!” @NikKnack replied, “Look awesome! You kinda look like Jessica Beil.” @Ctullous disclosed, “I’m going to try the dip. But more importantly, I love your honesty.” @Suzie Ditcher revealed, “Great for Bills game day!” 

This recipe will be a fantastic addition to your game day spread. But make sure there’s enough, especially if you have a large group to feed. You don’t want to miss out on eating some of the dip. If you enjoyed this video and want to watch more entertaining content, visit @jensue55’s TikTok channel. We’re positive you’ll like what you see.

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