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Mom Shares Secret to Making Box Cake Taste Like It's From a Bakery

These simple swaps make all the difference.

Supporting your local bakery is never a bad idea. After all, not only are you bolstering a small independently owned business, your taste buds get to enjoy themselves too! The truth is though, if you're on a budget, a bakery birthday cake is not exactly the best option. Big store box cake can be the next best option, but sometimes it just doesn't have that homey taste to it. 

That's where mom Emily Danner comes in. With a few simple ingredient swaps she swears that box cake blossoms into a delicious bakery-worthy cake you'll have no problem sharing with guests. 


To make a box cake taste like anything but, you need to punch up the required ingredients. Dump the mix into a large bowl and whatever the oil amount is, swap that for twice as much melted better. For example, 1/3 cup of oil would require 2/3 cup melted butter. Then take the recommended amount of eggs and add another. Danner also recommends using equal amounts milk instead of the required water. After that, simply mix and bake according to the box directions. 

Followers absolutely love her suggestions, and included a few of there own. Several people noted adding a teaspoon or so of vanilla extract but others also vouched for adding sour cream and/or pudding to it to keep it extra moist.

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It'll be so convincing your kids may never ask for a bakery cake again. 

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