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Mom’s Anticipation of Her Kids’ Reactions to Less-Than-Perfect Breakfast Is Totally Spot-On

No matter how much you try, nothing will ever be perfect. Of course, we have moments where something turns out pretty close. But there’s always room for improvement. If you’re one of those people who loves to strive for excellence, good for you! However, when you’re a mother, perfection isn’t possible. It doesn’t matter how much help you have.

In a recent TikTok video by user @wanttolaugh77, we see her making up breakfast plates for her kids. She has doubts as to whether the kids will eat the food. Now, we’ve seen the food and think it looks pretty good. But mothers want to do their very best, and that’s why this lady is already anticipating how her kids are going to react. Moms everywhere can totally relate to this video!

See what we mean? The bacon looked good. Salt is easily added to any eggs. Plus, the strawberries and whipped cream appeared tasty, too. TikTok users couldn’t wait to weigh in. User @deebo said, “Still a 5-star meal, though!” @Coffee Mama revealed, “My kids would be screaming for more bacon. LOL” @Detroit _big E asked, “Can I have some, please?” @Kay replied, “This is the most relatable video, I swear to God.”

We’re happy to see the majority of the comments were positive. As for the negative comments, those are expected. You can’t please everyone. But the food pleased the kids because the caption said, “They actually ate it all.” We’re not surprised. If you’d like to see more videos by @wanttolaugh77, please check out her TikTok channel.