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Mom Makes Her Kid 'Dog Pancakes' Every Day and We Need to Step Up Our Game

Moms are the best because they are always willing to go above and beyond for their families. When their kids make a special request, they do their best to follow through, even if it means more work for them. This one mom embodies this core mom trait by making her daughter 'dog pancakes' every morning, and we are so fascinated.

Mom and TikTok user @citysage recently posted a video of her daughter's request for 'dog pancakes,' and included some pictures of the results. She makes pancakes of various shapes that, upon cooking completion, are assembled on the plate in the shape of specific dog breeds with berries as eyes and noses! Check out her video to see what breeds she makes and how uncanny the resemblances are! 

This mom is seriously talented! Taking the time to make these wonderful breakfasts for her daughter is so magical, and we can see a future for her in pancake art!

The people in the comments are impressed by the effort and the outcome. @greve.alyssa said, "Love this but the work. Woof." Dog pun noted and appreciated. @tiktokhef commented, "This makes me happy, I feel like it’s an art photography series." We could definitely see this turn into an art display at a modern photography museum, or an art museum for kids!

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Others in the comments were leaving requests for specific dog breeds. Several people requested Golden Retriever pancakes next, and others mentioned breeds such as Samoyed, St. Bernard, German Shepherd, and more. Hopefully, this means we will get a series of videos showing off new 'dog pancake' shapes in the future!

Making pancakes in fun shapes such as these is such a great way to keep you kid engaged in their breakfast, and it's a great way to teach them about various dog breeds! You go mom!

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