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Mom Cooks Incredible Gourmet Meals for Her Toddler and We’re Totally Jealous

Feeding children is an essential part of being a parent. They need the right amount of nutrients to help them grow. As a baby transitions from the milk and cereal phase to solid foods, it’s okay for them to taste new things. Most of us think of babies trying mashed carrots, peas, or bananas. But as they grow, their palettes become more sophisticated.

In a recent TikTok video by @ze2timesss, she cooks a meal for her adorable daughter. However, the little girl doesn’t eat the typical hot dogs and beans dinner. This child eats better than most adults. Prepare to get hungry.

Yes, her daughter eats Surf N Turf with sides. Talk about a lucky kid. She’s enjoying a delicious meal made with love. It doesn’t get any better than that. TikTok users are going wild over this amazing dinner. User @It’s. niyaaa asked, “Damn, she eats steak too?” @kareenawilliams90 replied, “That’s me! I’ll cook 5-star meals, and they want nuggets.” @ Zig. suggested, “I could be a greedy toddler for a day or 5. Just saying. LOL” @ Suxlea 👑 admitted, “Girl, she’s eating better than me. Looks good!”

This video is just one in a series of her showcasing her daughter’s tasty dinners. Check out this yummy chicken casserole she made next!

Yeah, now we’re really starving. Most of us want to be her child for the day because her cooking skills are on point. But since we can’t pop over to her place for dinner, we sure hope she’ll post more coverage of her toddler enjoying more savory meals. Fingers crossed.