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Mom of 12's Morning Meal Prep Makes Us Want to Go Back to Bed

If you’re new here, you should know we love our mothers. Mothers are the unsung superheroes of the world. There would be no life without mothers. They do so much daily and don’t receive payment. Being a mother takes so much time and effort. We’re always amazed when we see mothers juggling multiple tasks. One of the tasks they’re always doing is cooking. Every mother knows it’s essential for her children to eat healthy meals. But what happens if you’re a mother with 12 children?

In a TikTok video by content creator @doughertydozen, she shares footage of her morning meal prep routine. This woman is unstoppable when she gets going. We can’t imagine having to prepare so much food every day. We’re exhausted just from watching her.

Can you believe she made so much food in a short amount of time? Sure, the video was sped up, but it still didn’t take her that long to accomplish her food prep goals. Let’s see how the TikTok community reacted to seeing her in action. User @Alyy wrote, “You’re such a powerful woman. Keep it up, mama. We love your family.” @Hi disclosed, “You’re an amazing mom.” @cailet :) exclaimed, “The fact she did all of this in one hour!” @user8125648983762 said, “Amazing. She is inspiring!” @Was_good_da_g revealed, “You’re such an amazing mum! We're proud of you. You should get Mom of the century.”

We agree with you, @Was_good_da_g revealed. She is a phenomenal woman. You can tell how much she cares for those kids. If you liked the video as we did, please visit @doughertydozen’s TikTok channel. It’s full of family-friendly content everyone can enjoy.