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Mom's Epic 'S'mores Board' Seriously Has Our Jaws on the Floor

It’s easy to understand why charcuterie has become all the rage. It’s so much more fun than boring cheese and crackers. Some boards are so creative and diverse, they can be like a meal. TikTok content creator @samanthabauchmann shows us a whole new way to try charcuterie, and we are obsessed.

This epic s'mores board is a fiery, sweet treat!

Your guests will be so impressed by this great idea! We love the clever use of the mini-fire bowls for toasting marshmallows. No bonfire needed for these s'mores. Her lovely display of chocolate options is a nice touch and will give everyone their favorite flavors. White chocolate, peppermint patties, milk chocolate, and peanut butter cups. Yes, please! She also uses a terrific array of cookies and has leveled up our expectations from the standard graham cracker. We’ve never considered using chocolate-covered pretzels for our s'mores, but we're ready to give them a taste! The saltiness from the pretzel must be a really nice contrast to the sugary marshmallow. Yum!

The audience was ready to shop for the fire bowls, and viewer @Rachel_Danielle commented, “This is Amazing!!! Immediately ran to Amazon!!” We did too! Some users felt this might be more for the adults, and @Californiacheese89 tells us, “I couldn’t do this; my kids would light themselves on fire.” The videos creator @samanthabauchmann replied. “Parental supervision required.”

We love this idea for a party, but we also love that it can be used for single-serving s'mores, too. Some days can be tough, and having the option of eating a toasty marshmallow on a random weekday makes us pretty happy!