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Mom's After-Dinner Confession Is Hilariously Accurate and Relatable

Life can make you feel rundown. If you’re working, at least eight hours of your day will be dedicated to your job. When you factor in family obligations and social life, things get complicated. A busy lifestyle is a theme in every mom’s life. Her work never ends. She’s the chauffeur, cook, housekeeper, educator, and nurse. Since her days are jammed with activities from sun up to sundown, shortcuts are bound to help.

Today’s TikTok video by content creators @officialmartinfam mom of the bunch shares a hilarious clip of herself feeding her family dino nuggets. We appreciate the effort regardless of how she views it. Sometimes you have to fake it until you make it.

We believe any mom, parent, or childcare worker can relate to this video. There’s nothing wrong with using paper plates if it allows you extra time to rest. Let’s see if the TikTok viewers feel her struggle User @Thaina Hernández🇺🇲🇭🇹🇩🇴♎♥ said, “I know what you are feeling. LOL.” @gpionav wrote, “I relate. That's a whole dinner.” @Janivette Diaz replied, “I would probably be this mother. I don't blame all I wanna do after school is sleep.” @Alexis Simmons845 joked, “Not her husband too.” @Duska Pretuska remarked, “Their faces say it all.” @KHix17 said, “The way I just hollered. Lol. No fries, sides, nothin.” @Squidward365 wrote, “Nap time.”

Yes, we’re always fans of a good nap time. Look, as long as the kids and husband are fed, mom did her task. If you enjoyed this realistic video, visit @officialmartinfam’s TikTok channel. It’s full of family shenanigans you’ll want to watch.

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