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Mom's $6 Cake Pop Hack Is So Good We Don't Know Where to Begin

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We know you love cake pops. They’re the best combination of dessert meets hors d'oeuvres. With their moist center and frosting coat, it’s not surprising these are a hit with kids of all ages. But buying a few of these during each visit to Starbucks can get expensive. Yes, they taste amazing, especially the chocolate ones. However, there are ways to cut costs while enjoying a mini-sweet treat.

TikTok content creator shared her secret for cake pops. We’re fans of this trick because it’s cost-effective and saves time. Plus, you can make as many as you want. Why didn’t we think of this sooner? This will make anyone feel like a pro-baker!

Wasn’t that a terrific way to make cake pops? Buying a store-bought cake and using baker’s chocolate for a coating is an inexpensive way to satisfy your cake pop craving. But are the TikTok viewers fans of this hack? TikTok foodie @Sweet Dulces wrote, “It’s like watching Rachel Ray make posole.” @user3977064694539 commented, “I never knew it was that easy. Thanks for the video.” @daniellehartruns said, “Thank you! This will be a fun activity to do with my kids. They love helping in the kitchen.” @RicanMom🇵🇷 remarked, “Thank you for the idea.” 

Yes,, thank you for this simple cake pop hack. It’s something anyone can do. But if anyone makes them, please consider sending us a few. We love our sweets. If you enjoyed this video, visit’s TikTok channel for more food content. You might be amazed at what you see.