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Mom's Clever Hack for Cooking Perfect Eggs Is a Stroke of Genius

If you're making eggs any other way than scrambled, it's just so easy to mess them up. Either the yolks break, or they don't flip quite right, or you over or under-cook them, and then breakfast is ruined. Luckily, a new TikTok video that was shared by @momofboyslife will put an end to all that. With over 11 million views, the clip is going viral, and it's easy to see why.

In the footage, you'll see this mom's clever hack for making perfectly-cooked eggs that are also perfectly flippable, thanks to a genius trick she figured out. Say goodbye to broken yolks and egg drippings on your stovetop!

Um, why on earth didn't we think of something like this? Duh. Using the lid mid-flip is the trick we never knew existed. But while some people (like us) are seriously impressed by the video, other TikTok users have their own ideas for what to do with the eggs. One commenter, @kelseymayer991 suggested, "Just pour a little water & put the lid on to steam. No flipping & since trying that, I will NEVER go back to flipping!!! Try it please! Lol." Then there was @Amber Williamson, who added, "It's genius, but I would have placed the pan back on top of the lid and flipped gently lol 🤷‍♀️.. less risk of breaking the yolk." Huh. Good tip. @Sydney Paige chimed in with, "I do with a plate for everything, a lid is leveling up 😂." HA! It sure is.

Whether you try this trick out or not, you gotta love a good hack when it's shared with the world. After all, shouldn't we all band together to try and make each other's lives easier, both in and out of the kitchen? Food for thought.

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