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Mom's Brilliant Popsicle Hack Is a Lifesaver This Summer

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It’s officially summer, and the kids are home. They love their snacks even when they’re not in school. Of course, a favorite kid’s treat is a popsicle. Popsicles are fantastic. They come in different colors and flavors. Plus, they’re easy to carry. But sometimes, those little hands and fingers can’t keep a firm grip on their frozen snack. When kids can’t grip their popsicles, accidents can happen.

In a TikTok video by mom and content creator @athomewithshannon, she shares her popsicle hack. It’s a simple remedy for preventing spills and stains. Mom will want to hear this information. We wish we'd known about this sooner.

Wow! That’s a neat idea! We never thought to use a cup lid for anything else besides a cup. Now we have the perfect popsicle hack, and it won’t cost you much money. Let’s see how the TikTok community feels about it. User @Elizabeth said, “Love all your mom hacks!” @ypfallon wrote, “Little Hunter loves your ice pop hack, Shannon! Soooo fun.” @CassieH replied, “Perfect hack’ also, your location is gorgeous.” @k remarked, “This was the only way my mom allowed us to eat ours in the 90s. LOL.”

Yes, this hack will save tops and bottoms nasty yet colorful stains. However, some people offered their popsicle hacks. User @I love every single one of you wrote, “My mom uses cupcake paper. I am going to tell her about this.” We like the idea of cupcake liners too. Honestly, whatever works to keep your little one clean is fine by us. If you want to learn more valuable mom hacks, check out @athomewithshannon’s TikTok channel. You’ll find everything from yummy recipes to valuable tips.