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Mom's School Lunches Make Us Want to Be Kids Again

We all remember packing our lunch for school. Even if you ate hot lunch, there were probably days you still brought something to eat. Packing your lunch for school is a fantastic way to control you're eating. Of course, your parents would buy the food you eat. But you could always make suggestions. Most parents try to accommodate their kid's requests. If you’re anything like us, we like variety. That’s exactly what the mom in today’s video provided for her kid’s school lunch.

In a TikTok video, content creator @pricklypear86 shared footage of herself packing lunches for her kids. We are impressed by her attention to detail and the items she packed. Can we also have this for lunch?

We loved the Pepperoni Uncrustable Bites, blueberries, pretzels, and other items for her son’s lunch. But we were blown away by the homemade Lunchable she provided her daughter. Sometimes, little things like this tell a kid how much they are loved. Let’s see how the TikTok community reacted. User @Alexis said, “Uhm, wow, I absolutely need to purchase those Chex mix bars for myself.” @mayo suggested, “You should pack Dotz pretzels. I think they would like them.” @Epic Roasts wrote, “Reese's puff bars are so good.” @Raelynn Dempsey exclaimed, “Those are my fav fruit snacks!” @Selfie Star ring light admitted, “Smart girl with the Grillo’s pickles. They’re the best!”

We all agree that mom’s school lunch-packing skills are superior. We loved watching her do it. If you enjoyed the video as we did, visit @pricklypear86’s TikTok channel. You’ll be glad you did.