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Mom’s Hack for a Refreshing Summer Treat Comes With an Important Reminder

Now that it’s getting HOT outside, we need to stay cool. What’s a tasty way to keep your temperature in check when the mercury rises? How about eating some ice cream, sorbet, or popsicles? Yes, please! But buying store-bought frozen treats can get costly. It’s better to create your own items in larger quantities. 

In a recent TikTok video by user @nanajoe19, she shares her succulent but fast recipe for a creamy cold snack we’d all enjoy. Check out the video to sneak a peek at the treat.

We’re ready to run to the store and grab what we need to make these paletas a reality! The combination of cream and fruits screams decadence. People think these treats look just incredible. User @Julia Wilcox302 exclaimed, “This looks so good!” @Ryan replied, “Putting this along with all the other videos in the favs because this looks bomb.” Another commenter said, “Thanks for the recipe!” Yes, this recipe looks tasty. But this isn’t the first time the creator has shared it. In the initial video she posted featuring the recipe, she included an important reminder that we all need to take to heart during the summer months.

Wow. We didn’t know the water situation in California was so critical. Thanks to @nanajoe19, we’re aware of the problem and practical ways to help it go away. TikTok users who live in the state could totally relate. User @[⭐️] ibapesza remarked, “Yell at my sister, she is taking them 2-hour showers!” @Liz Vega 🏳️‍🌈wrote, “Yes! So important! Thanks for drawing attention to this.” @Lex commented, “Thank you for spreading this message! I grew up in CA, and it was a drought then too. Reduce Reuse Recycle!” We couldn’t agree more, @Lex. We hope people will take you and @nanajoe19’s advice.