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Man Shares Recipe for 'Most Delicious Burger in the World' and People Have Opinions

American food really doesn't get much more classic than a big, juicy hamburger. And while we all have our own individual toppings and condiments that we prefer, the burger is universally loved by meat eaters. In a recent TikTok video shared by @sugarspice081, the creator shares his recipe for "the most delicious burger in the world."

With 2.5 million views, the video is gaining quite a bit of attention, and it's easy to see why, given just how many tasty things go into this monster-of-a-burger. However, this isn't your traditional hunk of meat with lettuce, tomato, onion, ketchup, and mustard. People definitely have some strong opinions about whether or not this really qualifies as the "most delicious burger in the world."

Um, WOW. Between the slabs of bacon, maple syrup, butter, eggs, and cheese, it's tough to argue that this bad boy has some slammin' ingredients. As we said, people are really in their feelings over this creation. One commenter, @lito said, "As a chef, all I have to say is that's a unique way of making a burger." He's not wrong. It truly is! Other people think the bacon needs to be cooked longer. @SheltonWilliams885 suggested, "It looks good but the bacon could have been cooked longer... That way, the hamburger could have cooked longer also 😔😪." Let's not forget that this dude was making this for a TikTok video, so it's not like he has all day. Surely, he could've left the meat on longer if he wasn't in a time crunch.

Other people who watched the clip weren't thrilled with the maple syrup and/or "orange" cheese, but hey, you can't please everybody, right?

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As for whether or not this truly is the best tasting burger in the world? You'll just have to make the recipe and judge for yourself.

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