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Video Tour of 'Most Expensive Restaurant in the World' Is As Bougie As It Gets

When it comes to eating, it can be done anywhere. You can pull up a chair to a kitchen table, have a picnic by the lake, or sit in the sand at the beach. If you’re running late for work eating in the car works too, as long as you’re cautious. But what if you want more than food? You want to enjoy fine dining. Cooking at home is always an intimate affair. If you’re a great cook, it won’t matter if you eat at home. However, sometimes you want an unforgettable cuisine experience. 

In a TikTok series by content creator @carosseur, she films her visit to the restaurant Sublimotion in Ibiza. It’s known for its unique atmosphere and gourmet cuisine. We’re ready to try this place, but we’ll need to bring our wallets. It'll cost you to eat here.

Wow! No words seem to describe the sheer ambiance of this restaurant. Let’s see how the TikTok community feels about it. User @Mamiebangz wrote, “I would’ve loved to do this if the food looked better.” @Lacey Bell said, “Honestly, the beautiful experience in itself would be worth every single penny.” We agree with @Lacey Bell. But what else did she eat?

The airline tickets and feeling like you’re on a plane looked fantastic. The little touches make it a memorable experience. User @Crammond replied, “Okay, THIS is camp. I love it.” @Ambxcii remarked, “This looks like such a fun experience!” Yes, we’re feeling the vibe. Now on to her next entrée. 

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We love an indoor picnic setting! Please take us with you next time. User @Megan wrote, “There’s a lot of haters, but honestly, this is a cool experience.” @poggers

The assortments of desserts made us want to taste all the options. User @messyjessy2011 wrote, “Thank you for sharing! So cool!” @Amanda Gay disclosed, “I wasn’t particularly loving it until dessert. I’d go just for that.” Yes, if you’ve got a sweet tooth, that Sublimotion will satisfy your craving. So, how did the meal end?

We love the idea of it ending like a big celebration. Anyone that eats at Sublimotion will have a fantastic time. User @Mistress Trini 🇹🇹 revealed, “This is definitely on my list of things to experience. Thanks for sharing!” Yes, it’s incredible the things you can do if you have $2,000 a person to spare. However, @carosseur admitted the family of the children that she watches paid for her to go. That’s a fabulous nanny perk! If you want to see more entertaining videos, please visit @carosseur’s TikTok channel.

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