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Woman's Parfait Bar Is the Perfect Way to Treat Mom to a Special Breakfast

As children, we rely on our parents to provide nourishing meals. Wouldn’t it be nice to return the favor for dear old mom? Of course! She does so much for us that she deserves special treatment once in a while. In this new video by TikTok user we learn how to celebrate mom on Mother’s Day.

The video shows how to present an already tasty snack elegantly. Mother's Day will be super delicious. Watch the video to see what we mean. It’s okay if you re-watch the video a few times. It’s addictive.

See what we mean? That parfait looks so pretty in those wine glasses. It isn’t easy to want to eat them. But of course, that’s precisely why you make them. To eat! 

TikTok users are excited about these simple but yummy desserts. User @mrs.gbe said, “I am definitely old enough for you to be my daughter, so I wanted to say how wonderful you and your family are. Thanks for sharing all of these ideas.” 

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And user @Chandni Wadhwa rejoices, “Omg, so cute!! I’ve had a tub of Greek yogurt just sitting in my fridge, and this is the perfect way to use it!”

But the parfait isn’t the only thing making people giddy. They want the wine glasses holding the parfait. We can’t blame them because those are nice. User @macy.blackwell said she purchased them on Amazon. That’s fine because you probably have the app already open anyway.

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