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Woman's Hack for Evenly Buttering Movie Theater Popcorn Is Causing a Stir

No trip to the movies is complete without candy and a large popcorn, am I right? And if you're someone who likes to douse your snack in butter (since that's the best way to do it), you'll love this new TikTok video that was shared by @itsmelodychandler. In the clip, she shared a hack for how to evenly distribute your butter throughout the bag of popcorn so you get a good dose of it in every bite. 

In the video, you'll see her explain the easy trick, which looks simple enough for anyone to conquer. Of course, every party has a pooper, and some people aren't quite sold on her "genuis" butter hack. 

OMG! This really does look more effective than just drizzling it over the top of the popcorn. Given how she pulls the straw up slowly, you'd think that the butter would cover more of the kernels than the traditional method. However, people have some strong opinions about whether or not this hack is effective. @Amy Rowbury said, "Until it leaks into the bottom of the bag and gets all over your pants... That's what happened to my sister when she tried this." And @Travis Wright added, "No way. You are just making the bottom of the bag soggy. 1 out of 10."

Another commenter, @lbeannn04 offered a different suggestion, saying, "Nah, I tell them to fill half full, then I add some butter. Next. take it back to the counter for them to fill the rest of the way now top with more." Hmm. But what if there's a long line?

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When some users were puzzled over how this works, the video creator further explained things. She gave instructions in the comments for how to move the straw so that it doesn't all pool at the bottom of the bag and get soggy. She said, "You lift up the straw. Drop some, then keep lifting drop, etc."

You could even use more than one straw, as she demonstrated in this follow-up video.

If nothing else, we think this is totally worth a shot. And if you're worried about the bag getting soggy, why not just go for the tub of popcorn instead? That way, you won't even need refills halfway through the show. #winning

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