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'Mozzarella-Stuffed Pizza Rolls' Are Completely Restaurant-Worthy

If you’ve eaten a ton of candy and have sworn off carbs this week, you might want to pass on this next video. We are definitely drooling over this cheesy bread. TikTok content creator @kelseylikestocook shares her recipe for stuffed pizza rolls, and we are completely captivated by this spectacular creation.

Forget the takeout. These cheesy pizza rolls will have your family excited to eat-in!

Holy mozzarella! These rolls look so unbelievable. For this simple recipe, she uses a flattened piece of dough to hold 3 small balls of fresh mozzarella. She places each roll into a greased, cast iron pan. Then she covers the rolls in seasoned oil and a sprinkle of cheese. Then they are off to bake until they are golden and melty. She serves these cheesy rolls with marinara sauce on the side. 

You could add anything you’d like to stuff these rolls. A little ground hamburger, sausage or bacon would add protein. Pepperoni, salami, or ham could be used alongside the mozzarella for another meaty twist. Finely diced chicken and pesto might also be rather tasty inside of these rolls. We're even wondering if fresh burrata could be used here, too. Yummy!

This simple recipe can be made to suit your personal tastes, and the audience shared some of their wonderful ideas.”Viewer @Beth commented, “I've done this & added pepperoni & dipped in some marinara or pizza sauce! Kids especially love it!!” Viewer @michelebeck115 shared another great idea, “Take dough is small amounts. Add Nutella. Roll in a ball. Dry roll is sugar. You're welcome.” That sure sounds tasty, too!

We're so ready to give this recipe a try! We know this will be a welcome treat for our family, and we love that it’s easy enough for a busy weeknight!