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List of 'Must-Try Desserts' in New York City Has Us Ready to Hop a Plane

New York City is known for many things, such as fashion, Wall Street, and most importantly... food.

New York City has a rich and vibrant food culture with restaurants featuring just about any cuisine you can imagine. This makes it a must-visit city for any foodie looking to expand their palette or revisit an old-but-obscure favorite. If you've got a sweet tooth and are in search of some of the best desserts the city has to offer, this one NYC TikTok-er has you covered!

Content creator @forkmebabyyy has a four part (and counting) series on the best desserts of New York City. The video includes some mouth-watering shots of various desserts she ordered, and they all look absolutely incredible. Check out part one of her video series below!

We seriously cannot get enough of this. She included a great variety of desserts ranging from ube cheesecake to taiyaki, and the baked dessert looks so fluffy and gooey while the ice cream looks like the perfect treat for a hot day!

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Many people in the comments are thrilled to have these videos as a guide when deciding where to get a sweet treat in NYC during their visit from out-of-town. @swithluv7 said, "I'm saving this incase I ever go to NYC," and @tkjustforfun commented, "Perfect timing, I'm literally on the plane right now to NYC!" It's great to have such a detailed reference guide when traveling to a new city!

Several others shared their thoughts on some of the spots mentioned in the video. @theeyemusttravel commented, "Ube cheesecake is forever the best," and @emilypolner said, "I can confirm Keki, Taiyaki, and Chip City are all amazing!" @eden.n.y.c gave a glowing endorsement of the food and the video: "You legit picked some of the best desserts." It's great to have so many people attest to the deliciousness of these desserts!

See @forkmebabyyy's TikTok account for the other videos in this dessert series, and get ready to chow down next time you're in New York City!

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