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'Mystery Chef's' Secret to Making the Best Scrambled Eggs Has People Guessing

Everyone has their personal method for making the best scrambled eggs, right? Whether you cook them with a little butter, oil, or throw in a little milk or cream, your way is the best way. Well, according to a new TikTok video shared by @kroger, one celebrity chef actually claims to have perfected scrambled eggs with their own special method. 

The video has over 270,00 views, and to make things more interesting, Kroger didn't reveal the name of the mystery chef. Instead, they captioned the clip with, "The secret to the best scrambled eggs. Can you guess whose recipe this is? 👨‍🍳" And of course, people couldn't wait to leave their guesses in the comments. Spoiler alert: It didn't take long for some users to figure it out.

Yep. Right off the bat, @Ruth Elizabeth guessed Gordon Ramsay, and Kroger confirmed that she is correct! And honestly, we can't say that we're the least bit surprised. While this egg hack isn't overly complicated, it definitely has that little bit of extra chi-chi he's known for in his recipes. 

Some commenters were quick to point out that the method Kroger shared isn't exactly how Gordon prepares his eggs. @Daz said, "Yes @Gordon Ramsay does, but what he doesn’t do is over-cook the eggs! And it’s medium heat. Food for thought 💭." And @Andrew Chae added, "This is not how he makes it. Sorry. Much slower heat." To settle the score, here's a video of Gordon making the eggs.

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Huh. Tough call?! Oh, and another TikTok user, @Patrick suggested that this isn't Gordon's recipe after all, saying, "Alton Brown did it first!" Hmm. Did he? We'd be curious to know who the real pioneer is.

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