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Sisters' Culinary Tour of 'Mystic, Connecticut' Has Us Ready to Plan a Visit

If you’ve ever wanted to visit a quaint shoreline town in Connecticut, Mystic would be at the top of our recommendations list. TikTok content creator @sistersnacking took us on their overnight trip to this seaside town, and it looks positively charming. And the food they ate is just over-the-top! After you watch this video, you’ll be planning your trip to New England. 

This is the perfect time of year to visit Connecticut!

The adventure begins with cocktails and appetizers at Port of Call, where they enjoy a smoked hot dog with kimchi in a bao bun. This looks so unique and so yummy! Then they went over to The Shipwright’s Daughter to try out the smoked clam dip and roasted oysters. She tells us they were out-of-this-world. And they sure look it! They also enjoyed breakfast at The Shipwright’s Daughter the next day and tell us not to miss the buttermilk biscuits! Wow. Those sure look sensational, too!

They rested their heads for the night at the Whaler’s Inn, and they enjoyed the fresh-baked cookies provided in the lobby. We know, we sure would! Their next stop was Mystic Pizza for a nice slice of cheesy pie, and if you’re going to be in Mystic, this is a spot that you can’t miss. Their final stop was at the Engine Room for delectable Hush puppies. Yummy! What a tasty 24 hours!

The audience was feeling the love for this charming town, and viewer @NicoleDrewry commented, “I was just in Mystic and had oysters at Port of Call.” It sounds like you don’t want to skip those. Many in the audience felt they had missed one important eatery. Viewer, @DToups commented. "I’m so glad others mentioned Sift. The best best best. Never had a better cookie and breakfast croissants are amazing.” So be sure to visit Sift when you’re in Mystic, too.

If you've been thinking about a nice fall getaway, Mystic is the perfect spot to relax, eat and take in the salty air. You can’t go wrong in this lovely Connecticut town.