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Mom’s Trick for ’Nachos on the Grill’ Is Too Good to Pass Up

Mexican food is one of our favorite foods. It’s got the best combination of carbs, cheese, and meat. The comfort of these dishes is high. Just thinking about Taco Tuesday will get those salivary glands going again! But aside from tacos being a popular food, there’s another one that’s also a favorite. Nachos. Nachos aren’t just a snack or appetizer. If made right, they can be a meal.

In a recent TikTok video by @ecookandco, we see her make scrumptious-looking nachos on her grill. Her trick for keeping the tortilla chips crunchy is creative. We wouldn’t have thought of doing it. But get ready to crave nachos. They’re suitable for any day of the week. These nachos would be perfect for camping, however!

Mmm, don’t they look heavenly? We love the trick of covering them briefly with a 12” dome, so the cheese melts, but the chips still crunch. Sign us up for a healthy serving. But we’ll take pico de gallo, black beans, and guacamole with ours. TikTok viewers love her nacho trick, too. User @Larami Parsons said, “Not going to lie. I was expecting some lame excuse for nachos. I was certainly mistaken.” @Ross Sharp replied, “Looks delicious.” @Zach Brown exclaimed, “I need a recipe!!! That sounds so good.” @Peyton Morgan expressed, “I need these in my life.”

Of course, some viewers were claiming the nachos were soggy. But @ecookandco assured us that the dome was only on for a few seconds to melt the cheese, and the chips stayed firm. However, if you’re still skeptical, try making the nachos her way and see if the trick works. We think it will.