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New York City Diner's Old-Fashioned 'Coca-Cola' Drinks Are Making a Comeback

Back in the day, people would go to the nearest pharmacy or diner to get an ice cream float. Ice cream floats are the best, especially on a hot summer day. It doesn’t matter how old you get. Ice cream makes everything better. But what if the places that served you the best ice cream floats changed over the years? Perhaps they went out of business? Or they started using cheaper quality ingredients. Changes like those aren’t easy to forget. Yet that doesn’t mean you can’t drink a yummy ice cream float. You just need to find the right place.

In a TikTok video, content creator @newyorknico shares footage of a man making an old-fashioned Coca-Cola ice cream float. You can tell he’s been doing this for many years because it looked like second nature to him. Plus, the float looked terrific. We need one of those right now.

Yes, that’s how you make an old-fashioned ice cream float with Coke. Our mouths are watering for this one. We already love an ice-cold Coke but adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream takes it to another level of delish. Let’s see if the TikTok viewers enjoyed this video as much as we did. User @Feral farms joked, “If it don’t got real Coke, it’s a joke.” @D revealed, “People don’t get that every fast food drink machine has the syrup separate from the water.” @Riley Carter jested, “For a 97-year-old, he's looking hella healthy.” @Lover of animals disclosed, “My grandfather owned a diner when I was young, and he served soda pop this way. One of many great memories I have.”

We’re happy that so many people found humor in this video. But the fact this place sticks with tradition is something to celebrate. If you enjoyed this fantastic video and want to see more New York City content visit @newyorknico’s TikTok. It’s full of entertaining content you don’t want to miss.

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