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Nutritionist Shares 5 Things She'd Never Eat in Viral Video

The invention of the internet allows us to tap into information within seconds. We no longer need to go to a library and pour through dusty books or journals to learn. Of course, there is misinformation on the internet. However, if you can find reputable sources, you’ll find what you’re seeking. People are waking up to what is actually in their food. Companies can’t get away with shielding ingredients as they did before. Because food ingredient information is available many are choosing healthier lifestyles.

In a TikTok video by nutritionist and content creator @savingdinner, she shares five things she doesn’t eat. We liked this list because the information she provided backs up her reason for not consuming them. Some of the reasons were new to us, but that’s okay. We appreciate the input. We're adding these to our list too.

Yes, soda and margarine have already been cut out of our diets. There’s no imitating the perfection of butter. Plus, soda is too sweet anyway. Let’s see how the TikTok community responded. We’re sure some people will resist the change to improve their diets but to each his own. User @Clint Guillory said, “Great message. I cut out fast food a few years ago and then processed foods. Psoriasis cleared up amongst other issues.” @Sherry Belew wrote, “Agree with you on all!” @AnnMarie Lawrence joked, “Interesting, sips diet Coke,” @Steph&Cass🌼 disclosed, “I’ve had massive migraines, and it was linked to aspartame in gum.”

It's unfortunate that processed additives like aspartame have negatively impacted so many people. But knowledge is power. If you enjoyed this video and want to learn more helpful nutritional tips, visit @savingdinner’s TikTok channel. You’ll find a treasure trove of valuable advice.

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