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TikTok Creator's 'Olive Garden' Parmesan Cheese Prank Is Just Too Good

Don’t you love a good prank? Oh, come on. You know you do. Pranks are amazing, especially when they don’t harm anyone. People enjoy watching pranks because, deep down, they like to laugh. Laughter is the best medicine and helps you feel younger. Shows filming people getting pranked wouldn’t be so popular if this weren't the case. Pranks can take place practically anywhere, but in today’s video, it occurs in a popular restaurant chain.

In a viral video by content creator, they film themselves pulling a prank on a server at the Olive Garden. Per request from a viewer comment, the boys decide to ask for parmesan cheese. It sounds typical for a visit to the Olive Garden, but the amount of parmesan cheese causes quite a stir. We can't stop laughing!

That server didn’t know what had just happened. All he knew was that the guy wanted way too much parmesan for the average person. Watching him eat the parmesan almost triggered our gag reflex. Let’s see how the TikTok viewers responded to this video. User @Murissa Cave exclaimed, “I ALWAYS WANT MORE PARMASSON, BUT IM EMBARRASSED!” @Christian Bigler replied, “Bro, you better have tipped him good.” @Kelli Rihtar160 remarked, “Like $50 worth of cheese. LOL.” @Michele Welch135 joked, “That poor guy.” @Max Rowen McNamara revealed, “This is just my family at dinner.” @Charlotte Scholte766 wrote, “You are like the guy on America’s Got Talent who made a song about Parmesan.”

We haven’t seen that guy singing about Parmesan, but it sounds hilarious. It would have been a great song to add to the video. If you enjoy parmesan and want to see more entertaining content, visit’ TikTok channel. You never know who they’ll prank next.

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