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Recipe for 'One-Pan Creamy Tomato Pasta' Is Like a Hug in a Bowl

At the top of our favorite comfort foods list you will always find creamy pasta dishes. We love them even more, when they are simple and easy to prepare. TikTok content creator @dishingouthealth shows us her one-pot, creamy tomato pasta recipe that will have you ready to put your apron on! 

This is one comfort food you need to try tonight!

This looks so good! Everyone at your table will think you just picked this up from your favorite Italian restaurant. This easy meal starts by cooking the onions and cherry tomatoes. Then, add in your uncooked pasta of choice, water, and your favorite tomato sauce. You read it right, uncooked pasta. Place a lid on the pan and cook until pasta is al dente; add in heavy cream, baby spinach and fresh mozzarella. That sure sounds nice! Finish it off with a little fresh basil and Parmesan. Yum!

Nothing feels better than finishing a long, hard day, with a warm, comforting meal, and the audience was pleased to learn this hack. Viewer @mamashly, commented, “Looks amazing. I will definitely try your recipe." And viewer @eljoy419 added, "Omg!!! Epic!" Yes, we think so too! Some of the more traditional Italian chefs, were a little taken back by cooking the pasta in the sauce. Commenter @Anna M, said, “Ok, but please boil the pasta first, for an Italian, this is a travesty!” We appreciate this passion for tradition as well.

However, we think even our Italian grandmothers would give this recipe a try. Who isn’t looking for an easy way to make a comforting, delicious dinner?