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Mom's Recipe for 'One-Pan Magic Cake' Has Us Under Its Spell

Cakes with no clean up mess are almost unheard of. Most recipes require multiple bowls, measuring cups, pans, and more, and clean up can take almost as long as the baking itself. One woman is introducing TikTok to her 'One-Pan Magic Cake,' and it cuts clean up times down to nearly nothing!

TikTok content creator @erin_dittmer shared her recipe for what she calls 'One-Pan Magic Cake' because of the simple ingredients, minimal equipment, and accessibility for those with food restrictions. This chocolate cake is mixed in the pan it's baked in and uses one small whisk. It also doesn't use eggs or dairy, making it vegan and lactose intolerance friendly. Great for any occasion! Check out the video to see how this woman makes the perfect cake every time.

Wow, that looks delicious. Save us a slice!

Users in the comments are so excited to try making this cake themselves. @journey_to_anakiwa said, "Ooh I’m going to try this for my allergy bubba!" and @gumrock_ commented, "Oh I'm so making this with my toddler." It's so awesome to see people finding great recipes that work with their dietary restrictions!

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Others were shocked by how delicious and easy it was. @60_bhernandez commented, "Fastest recipe I ever made. In the oven as I post! Thank you!" and @btlightbody said, "Just tried it. It's incredible and so quick and easy." It even has the Betty Crocker stamp of approval! @bettycrocker said, "That looks heavenly OMG." Who can argue with that?

This is one recipe we'll be sure to try. The original creator commented the recipe in a comment, so be sure to review it for exact measurements. Happy baking!

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