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Gorgeous Recipe for 'One-Pot Eggs With Tomatoes and Spinach' Looks Unbelievable

We are always open to learning new recipes, especially those that can be made by using only one pot. We are also thrilled to learn any new tricks for making scrumptious eggs

TikTok content creator @imsfoodstory shares with us her simple recipe for one-pot eggs with tomatoes and baby spinach that you won't want to miss! You're going to love this brilliant idea!

Doesn't that look amazing?! We are loving everything about this easy recipe, including the use of the enameled pan with lid. So smart! She begins by melting a couple of pats of butter in the pan and then adds in a half a cup of cherry tomatoes. Then, she tosses in a few jalapeños, mixes them around, and adds in a handful of baby spinach and wilts it down. Next, she cracks 4 eggs on top of the veggies, tops them with salt and pepper, and sprinkles with cheese all over. Yes, please! She places the lid on the pan and cooks it until eggs are set and cheese is melted. This easy breakfast looks as beautiful as it does tasty, and we think your whole family will be loving it, too! 

The audience went right out and gave this recipe a try! Viewer @Ashleigh-Ann Clarke said, "I literally ran to the kitchen to make this. 10/10". Wow, this recipe really must be as good as a recipe gets! Commenter @Emily said, "How gorgeous is this breakfast dish? Thank you, can’t wait to try this tomorrow." Yes, us too! 

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We sure know what we'll be making for breakfast this weekend! 

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