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Recipe for 'Onion Ring Breakfast Sandwich' Is Nothing Short of Genius

One of the best things about breakfast is how easy and fun it is to come up with new ways to elevate your breakfast game. One TikTok user is helping us out by sharing his breakfast sandwich recipe, and you're not going to want to miss it.

Content creator @theshayspence recently shared his recipe for what he calls 'Onion Ring Breakfast Sandwich,' and we are amazed. This creator took a frozen onion ring and added it to his breakfast sandwich, along with egg, bacon, and cheese on an english muffin. The real game changer, though, is the way he prepared the onion ring and the egg. Check out the video to learn an awesome new breakfast hack and see the final result!

Wow, this looks delicious! Cooking the egg in the onion ring is genius, and it adds such a creative twist to this sandwich.

People in the comments of the video are so impressed with how well this turned out. @hollyklosson said, "Oh my God, I'm totally losing it, and I want it right now," and @everydaystace commented, "You, sir, are a magician! I now need to go to the store." This is definitely a recipe to try out as soon as possible!

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Many people also defended the creator's bacon, who said in his video that some people may say he burnt it. However, as the plethora of comments in support of his bacon preferences prove, many people prefer their bacon on the crispy side. The bacon crunch gives the sandwich more flavor!

Next time you decide to make a breakfast sandwich, throw an onion ring in the mix and see how great it turns out!

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