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Man's Recipe for 'Open-Faced Philly Cheesesteak Loaf' Is So Good We Can't Look Away

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to have eaten a Philly cheesesteak in Philadelphia, you know how unbelievably delicious they are. Nothing else really compares after you’ve tasted an original. Until now. TikTok content creator @thejoshelkin brings us a next-level Philly cheesesteak that you can make at home. 

This scrumptious, double cheese, open-faced loaf is the ultimate game day snack, and it’s also a perfect meal for hungry teenagers who are never full!! Once you see this, you will have to make it as soon as possible! 

OMG! He had us at homemade Cheese Wiz, and it only got better from there. The first step of this magical cheesesteak loaf starts by caramelizing chopped onions in butter, oil, salt, pepper, and a tablespoon of sugar. Next up is making the homemade cheese Wiz. Place two cups of shredded sharp cheddar cheese, cornstarch, garlic powder, and evaporated milk into a saucepan and stir on the stove until it's all melted together. 

Then comes the shaved rib eye. Cook it on medium-high with salt and pepper, and then mix in the caramelized onions. Next, take a wide-loaf bread sliced through the center and toast in the oven with olive oil. Once toasty, rub a raw garlic clove over the top and place the homemade Cheese Wiz on top, followed by the shaved steak and onions. Add a few jalapeños if desired, and then top it all off with slices of provolone cheese. Place this heavenly sandwich back in the oven on broil until it's browned. YES, PLEASE!

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People are so ready try this out, like TikTok user @gwag2g, who said, “I know what I'm making this weekend!!” Another viewer, @jacqulynlittle1 added, “It looks really good, I'm already drooling." Yes, us too! First, let's all take a 5-mile run, and then we won't have to feel guilty about devouring this on game day. That sounds like the perfect plan! 

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