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Cookies That Oprah Deemed the 'Best in California' Look Absolutely Perfect

When Oprah tells us something is the best, we listen very carefully. Content creator @oatmeal.for.dinner brings us along to Milk Jar Cookes, where Oprah apparently claims the very best cookies in California reside. These cookies look so amazing, we won’t be able to forget them!

These slightly underbaked cookies look next-level delicious! Check 'em out.

Yum! We're always ready to eat a good cookie, and these sweet treats with their perfectly underbaked, chewy centers, are making us weak in the knees. In the video, she shows us her sprinkled butter cookie and chocolate chip varieties. We applaud her choices, and we agree, the center of that butter cookie looks absolutely heavenly. The abundance of chocolate chips makes us so happy and so hungry, we're losing our minds. The chocolate-peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, and all the other spectacular varieties would have us in a blood sugar situation.

The audience was equally passionate about these cookies, and viewer @KatAnderson commented,“These cookies are amazing... I drive up from San Diego all the time.” The video creator, @LuizaGesteira replied iwth, “Just for cookies? I like you.” Yep, we like her, too. Viewer @Hailey confirms they are sensational. “They definitely are. I crave the white chocolate raspberry ones all the time.” @LuizaGesteira replied, “What, white choc raspberry? That sounds heavenly!!! Might have to go back for one of those now.” We think you should Luiza, we know if we lived close enough, we would already be on our way!

In the meantime, we'll just have to enjoy living vicariously through everyone in California. (On the bright side, living vicariously is also calorie-free.)