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Dad's Inventive Recipe for 'Pancake Spaghetti' Is Guaranteed to Wow the Kids

This looks so much better than it sounds! If you have fussy eaters in your house, you know just how hard it can be to get them interested in food. TikTok content creator @brianaarchuleta shows us a brilliant new way to serve up pancakes. Even the pickiest of eaters won't be able to resist this great idea!

This pancake spaghetti is bound to be a huge hit this weekend! 

We love pancakes and we love spaghetti. And after seeing this unique creation, we're completely impressed and can't wait to try it! This idea is pretty simple. On a hot, buttered griddle, pipe out your pancake mix into strips, let those little squiggles get a nice brown on the bottom, and then, put them in a bowl just like you would spaghetti. Sprinkle a little powdered sugar on top, and for your sauce, use maple syrup. How easy!

The variations on this great idea are endless. We feel like a carbonara version with scrambled eggs and pieces of bacon might be a fun way to get a little protein, in too. Yum!

Viewers were excited to try this idea in their own homes, and @Sabrina commented, “What? I’m very impressed and need to make this for my family of pancake & spaghetti lovers.” Commenter @Destiny Biddle added, "I want meatballs? Add maple sausage, or fruit!" The video creator, @brianaarchuleta replied with, "Oh my gosh!! Yes!! Maple sausage." Hmmm, that sounds delightful!

Whether you have fussy eaters or a group of teens who are always hungry, we're confident that everyone will flip for pancake spaghetti. We know that we will!