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Woman Tries $30 Slice of Cake in Paris and Her Reaction Is Spot-On

We’ve all dreamed of strolling down the streets of Paris. It’s a city rich with history. But it’s also known for its architecture, clothing, and food. French food is rich and decadent. It’s brimming with savory sauces and creamy goodness. You’d be hard-pressed to determine whether the French entrées or desserts are the better. Many would say that they’re equal. If you’re a fan of French food, you’ll adore today’s post.

In a TikTok video by content creator @solspier, she shares footage of herself trying a $30 slice of cake in Paris. Yes, the slice of cake is $30, and boy, it’s beautiful. Pretty much exactly what we expected.

Well, we weren’t prepared for the pudding mixed in with the cake. The slice of cake seems to be worth every centime. Let’s see if the TikTok community wants to try this fancy cake too. User @Britt England said, “It’s $20 for coffee in Paris, so this doesn’t surprise me. It looks good, though.” @Alix replied, “Ooooff, this looks so good.” @ᦔꪀ꠹.ꪀꪗᥴ ❤️ revealed, “My husband and I had that the last time we were in Paris, and it was delectable! Definitely worth the money!” @user8384273638225 wrote, “It's good but too rich.” @Jojodancer joked, “I bet the red velvet cheesecake cake at the Cheesecake Factory is better. LOL.” 

We understand $30 is expensive for a slice of chocolate marble cake. But when you’re visiting a new place, trying things you wouldn’t normally do is on your itinerary. However, we get it if you wouldn’t spend that much on the cake. If you enjoyed this glimpse into decadent Parisian desserts, please visit @solspier’s TikTok channel. You’ll be thankful you did.

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