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Simple Parmesan Cheese Hack Is a Godsend on Pasta Nights

When it comes to making pasta, everyone does it a little differently. Yet one thing that many people agree on is the use of parmesan cheese. While it does have a strong smell, the taste is worth it. Some people grew up eating store-bought parmesan in a bottle, depending on your family tradition. However, to get the parmesan cheese's authentic flavor, it should be grated.

A recent TikTok video by content creator @everything_delish shows us an incredibly helpful parmesan cheese hack. It’ll come in handy if you don’t have a cheese grater! We never thought to use this trick before, but it’s a major game-changer for pasta nights. We’ll never buy store-bought cheese again after seeing this!

Nice! We think using a food processor or blender is an excellent idea. It’ll get you the small pieces of parmesan you need to cover any plate of pasta or salad. TikTok viewers are equally impressed with this cheese hack. User @Josh Buyck exclaimed, “That blender was cheap at Costco, and I love mine!” @Maddy 🍒 remarked, “Such a good idea!!” @Yuval Glam replied, “Life-changing!!!” @ User31401 suggested, “Work smarter, not harder. Brilliant.” @AH revealed, “I do this all the time! It saves me so much work. Great tips!!”

The use of a blender or food processor is a fantastic hack for getting your parmesan just right. We’ll be trying this out as soon as possible. If you enjoyed the video, please check out @everything_delish’s TikTok channel for more helpful tips and mouth-watering recipes!