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Man's Viral Recipe for 'Parmesan Crusted Potatoes' Looks So Good We Can't Stand It

As potato lovers, we are always looking for new recipes to diversity our potato palette. One TikTok user understood the assignment and shared a delicious recipe that will leave potato lovers and cheese lovers hungry for more!

TikTok content creator @king_of_dans shared his recipe for what he calls 'Parmesan Crusted Potatoes' and these are exactly what you need to make for dinner next. This user mixes melted butter, parmesan, and spices to create a paste that he coats the bottom of the pan in, then places the potatoes on top of the spread and roasts them in the oven. Check out the video for the full recipe and to catch a glimpse of the final result!

Holy cow! Our mouths are salivating. These potatoes have a perfectly crispy and cheesy bottom that has us running to get the ingredients for dinner tonight!

People in the comments of the video were super excited to try these out for themselves. @hippohouse123 said, "I just made these but grated fresh parmesan. We still have about 15 minutes to cook but they smell amazing!" and @jessicabuwick commented, "I’ll have 16. Thanks." We totally understand the excitement to try these, and we're right there with you!

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Others who have had these can attest to the deliciousness. @regnellod commented, "These are my favorite way to have potatoes! These would be part of my death row meal,” and @naps_prn said, "Made these today and my husband loves them! And I cannot cook so these are fool proof." These are quite the endorsements!

One of the things that's so great about this recipe is people can swap out the seasoning if they prefer a different flavor, or you could add a little something extra, like garlic butter or cheese, to the tops of the potatoes as well. Have fun eating them as the recipe instructs or with your own personal twist on the dish!

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