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Dad Makes Succulent Shaped Ravioli That's Almost Too Cute To Eat

The dad and lawyer behind Danny Loves Pasta makes the most intricate (and delicious) pasta you'll ever see.

Listen, we are not about to throw hands with any Italian Nonas and proclaim we found the best pasta of all time. But what we did find would make her jaw drop with an approving "Mama Mia!" 

Meet Danny, the dad and lawyer behind the TikTok sensation @DannyLovesPasta. On this channel, you'll not only get to enjoy this ray of sunshine make delectable pasta, you get to watch him create literal works of art. Don't believe us? Just check out his tiny succulent shaped pasta. 


Danny makes all of his pasta from scratch and he exclusively uses natural ingredients for his various colors and textures. This particular design was constructed with green and orange pasta with a ricotta and parmesan filling. He simply rolls out the green dough and uses a jagged shaped cookie cutter to get the outline of the leaves. He pipes the filling in the middle, tucks it in, and then rolls up the ravioli. After wrapping the center into a "succulent pot" made of orange pasta, Danny separates and defines the leaves. 

The succulents truthfully are only a sliver of an example of what Danny is capable of with pasta. In his time on the Tok, Danny has created everything form Captain America shields to chocolate chip cookie shaped pasta (of which his toddler daughter is a huge fan). 

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Recently he even got his skills shouted out on Rachel Ray's talk show, where she called his creations "brilliant." We'd have to agree with Rachel on this one! They are truly stunning. 

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