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Video of the 'Perfect Fall Sandwich' Has Us Absolutely Captivated

If you love a good hearty fall sandwich, we've found a very special one for you. TikTok content creator @the.charcuterie.queen shows us how to make one of the prettiest fall sandwiches we have ever seen. You’ll be so delighted by this exquisite creation.

We could watch it being made all day long.

OMG, that crunch! We can’t eat this sandwich fast enough. How have we not thought to do this before? This gorgeous sandwich starts with a beautiful slice of freshly-baked bread with three generous pieces of Camembert cheese on top. Next is the thinly sliced red delicious apple, followed by the sour cherry jam and arugula. Then, it’s off to the hot frying pan with butter, until it’s golden, crisp, and delicious. This sandwich has us losing our minds. It looks as beautiful as it does delicious, and we can't get to the kitchen to make this sandwich fast enough.

Although we think this beautiful meal is absolutely perfect as is, it leaves itself open to many variations as well. If you don’t like sour cherry jam, you could always use fig preserves. If you’re not in the mood for apples, a pear may also taste delicious, but it won’t have that sensational crunch. Brie might also work here too, but we love the use of Camembert; this beautiful soft, creamy cheese doesn’t get nearly the attention it deserves.

We are so excited to have a new lunch to make this fall. We know that it’s going to taste sensational.