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Simple Hack for Perfect 'Over-Easy' Eggs Is a Game-Changer

We're always pleasantly surprised when we find a new way to make our eggs. If you adore your eggs over-easy but struggle to make them, you’ll love this great idea for getting the perfect yolk every time. TikTok content creator @erinnnmeck shows us a new way to make an old favorite.

This smart trick takes the guesswork out of breakfast!

We don’t need our breakfast to be a hassle. This easy idea ensures you get the perfect finish for your eggs without any of the struggle. To start, we applaud her generous use of butter. Yummy! This easy hack simply adds a splash of water while the eggs cook in the frying pan, and then the pan gets a lid to steam the eggs. She tells us that once a white film forms over the yolks; they are ready and perfectly runny. Those beautiful yolks look so perfectly delicious! We are so excited to dunk our English muffins into that golden goodness. 

The audience was ready to give this idea a try. Viewer @bayougirl commented, “OMG!!! I am trying this. Thank you so much for sharing.” We're thankful for this lesson, too. Another person who watched the clip, @brandilankford noted, “Just did this.. By far the easiest way I've ever done it cause I love my eggs like this. So good too!” Great to hear. Many in the audience wanted to correct the name of these marvelous eggs. Viewer @valeriestagg chimed in with, “They are not sunny-they are called basted eggs.” Whatever they are properly named, they look fabulous!

We love our runny yolks, and we think this recipe is just perfect for dipping!