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This 'Philly Cheesesteak Casserole' Has Us Falling in Love

This is not the kind of cheesesteak you would find in Philadelphia. But it’s rocking that fabulous Philly cheesesteak vibe, and it’s looking pretty darn satisfying too. TikTok content creator @thefarmstyle shows us how to make a casserole style cheesesteak. And it looks mighty tasty!

Break out your favorite rolls. This easy casserole will be a hit with anyone who loves cheesesteak!

We've never thought to do cheesesteak like this before. The cubed steak could easily be swapped out for leftover steak, your favorite cut, or for whatever is on sale. This simple recipe is perfect for a weeknight and should satisfy the always hungry teenager, too. 

The audience had some mixed reactions. Viewer @Cobalt Blue asked, “What do you serve with this? Do you put this on some kind of roll?” And the recipe's creator replied, ”I served it with rice, but on a roll would be good too!” Both sound good to us. Another TikTok user commented, “No, sorry, that is not Philly steak!!!!!! Looks good, but so not it!!” And the recipe's creator @Kayla replied, "Maybe next time I’ll leave out the Philly and just call it a cheesesteak.” Viewer @Amanda Hammond made a great suggestion, "Mushrooms. According to my tastebuds, that’s perfect. Meal needs mushrooms.” Those also sound great to us. 

This dish might also be a make a nice addition to your brunch menu. We think it would taste sensational with eggs and toast, too. Whenever you make this cheesesteak casserole, it’s sure to be delicious.