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Woman’s Easy Pie-Cutting Hack Just Leveled Up Our Baking Game Forever

If you’re a pie lover, then you can’t imagine anyone not getting excited about cutting into a slice. For those of us who just can’t get enough of our favorite pie, getting a slice or two can’t happen quickly enough. Whether it’s apple, cherry, or Key lime custard, removing a perfect piece of pie is trickier than expected.

In a recent TikTok video by @cooklikeamother, she shows up a neat hack for cutting a pie. We didn’t think to do try trick before. But we’re thankful we learned about it now! Get ready to change up your pie-slicing game. Never have a messy slice of pie again!

Not only will we start using this hack, but can we get a recipe for that Reese’s pie? Man, that looked so good! Let’s see how the TikTok viewers felt about her pie hack. User @Tanya Ann Murphy said, “That’s how I do it.” @Mali.Fancy.Bish.Bz replied, “I've been learning so much on TikTok.” @headphonesandcoffee joked, “I just eat the whole pie much easier. LOL!” @Isaac74 revealed, “Omg looks so good!” Yes, it does look amazing! Let’s see how she made the pie.

Whoa, the light Reese’s pie recipe still makes us want to rush into the kitchen for a slice! User @I’m cool sometimes remarked, “It looks really good.” @Queen_Coco exclaimed, “I’m making this!” @Maria Knelsen wrote, “Thank you. It looks so delicious.” Yes, @Maria Knelsen, we agree with you. We can’t wait to give this trick a try with our next pie! 

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